The Scarlet Goodbye is Daniel D. Murphy and Jeff Arundel, with Ben Peterson, Pat Nelson, and Pat Frederick
The full-length LP “Hope’s Eternal”

All songs by TSG except
“Rosary”, “The Ballad of Julie Ann”, and “Minor Things” by D.D. Murphy
“Celebrated Summer” by Bob Mould
“Angel Dust” by D.D. Murphy, Jeff Arundel, and Pedro Mariani

Performed by:
Daniel Murphy: Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Jeff Arundel: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, and Percussion
Ben Peterson: Drum
Patrick Nelson: Bass Guitar
Michael W. Nelson: Percussion, Keyboards, Video Recording and Editing
Kenny Wilson: Lap Steel Guitar
Pat Frederick: Violin

J.R. Fields: shaker

Jeff Victor: Keyboard wizardry, backing vocals

Recorded and Produced by Jeff Arundel at Avalon Studios, St. Paul, Mn

Additional Production by D.D. Murphy
Mixed by John Fields
Mastered by Rob Genadek

Design by Jarman

Dan and Jeff would like to thank, well, everybody