The Scarlet Goodbye

The Scarlet Goodbye is a musical adventure, spawned out of the chance meeting of two Minnesota Music veterans who come from different sides of the street. Daniel Murphy and Jeff Arundel may seem like an unlikely mash-up, but they weave their pasts together in an intoxicating (and at times intoxicated) mix that recalls Big Star and The Hollies… musical, melodic, loud, soft… and above all, emotive.

“This started at a house party in St. Paul.” says Dan Murphy, who had waved goodbye to his bands Soul Asylum and Golden Smog several years ago. “I discovered Jeff’s inviting studio, which loomed as a sharp contrast to my distant memories of studios past.” The unlikely collaboration between the Edgy Rocker (Murphy) and the Wistful Troubador (Arundel) gives us “Say Hello to the Scarlet Goodbye”—an aural tour de force that both whispers, and thunders. With Ben Peterson on drums and Pat Nelson on bass, a scrappy rock band emerges,  and artfully delivers songs that evoke the emotions of minor things in major keys.

Written and recorded in real time, during what history will remember as that year with an asterisk—”The Pandemic Year*”.

The Scarlet Goodbye EPK



The Scarlet Goodbye is Daniel D. Murphy and Jeff Arundel, with Ben Peterson, Pat Nelson, and Jacy Smith
The full-length LP “Say Hello To The Scarlet Goodbye”

All songs by TSG except
“Rosary” and “Minor Things” by D.D. Murphy
“Celebrated Summer” by Bob Mould
“Angel Dust” by D.D. Murphy, Jeff Arundel, and Pedro Mariani

Performed by:
Daniel Murphy: Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Jeff Arundel: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, and Percussion
Ben Peterson: Drum
Patrick Nelson: Bass Guitar
Michael W. Nelson: Percussion, Keyboards, Video Recording and Editing
Kenny Wilson: Lap Steel Guitar
Pat Frederick: Violin

J.R. Fields: shaker
Recorded and Produced by Jeff Arundel at Avalon Studios, St. Paul, Mn
Additional Production by D.D. Murphy
Mixed by John Fields
Mastered by Rob Genadek

Dan and Jeff would like to thank, well, everybody